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355 UV laser marking relay, traceability informati
355 UV laser marking relay, traceability information on the plastic panel

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Relay is a kind of electrical control device. It is an electronic component that can expand the control range and provide integrated signals. It shows important importance in our lives and provides more possibilities for electricity safety. The purchase of relays must use genuine products. The manufacturer Mr. Lin has recently encountered the raging problem of counterfeit and inferior products.
After encountering counterfeit and inferior products, Mr. Lin decisively contacted RFH, and decided to replace the marking machine with traceable information on the plastic panel.

3W5W laser marking relay will not scorch or deform the material

RFH 355 ultraviolet laser is a classic model of RFH. It is popular with major manufacturers for its wide application range, many materials, fast compliance speed, and high marking quality. The 355nm laser is used to directly reach the surface of the plastic material, and the ultra-high temperature is used to mark the traceable information on the surface, but the material will not be scorched or deformed due to the minimal thermal effect.

Nanosecond UV laser brings a new traceability effect of environmental protection, green, anti-counterfeiting and stability to the plastic marking industry

The anti-counterfeiting problem that makes Mr. Lin most anxious can also be avoided because of the superb marking quality of the 355 UV laser and the particularity of the font. The problems of uneven ink marks, easy correction, unenvironmental protection, and inner surface deformation of traditional inkjet coding technology will not occur again after replacing the machine. Instead, it will be replaced by a new type of high-speed, high-quality, high-efficiency, no need to replace, environmentally friendly, green, and anti-counterfeiting. Traceability information effect.

RFH 355 UV laser

Mr. Lin is quite satisfied with the use of the 355 ultraviolet laser. He still chose RFH while upgrading other pipelines. The long-term cooperation between the two parties has benefited both parties and allowed both parties to grow together through mutual encouragement and learning.

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355 UV laser marking relay, traceability information on the plastic panel
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